Spare Parts


Specialised in supplying a wide range of spare parts designed to give greater safety and durability to our customers. As a part of the company’s commitment to the customers’ needs, we ensure the highest quality.

Automotive and other niche Sectors


Supplying customised vehicles, bodies ans systems based on customers’ request for a variety of different requirements. Our portfolio includes numerous individual special-purpose solutions for very specific and unique applications in addition to the high level of precision, reliability and durability which are the core characteristics of our products.

Special Vehicles

Fire Fighting Tankers

First Q Trading partners are top quality Fire, Rescue & Hazmat bodybuilders. They provide full range of vehicles with innovative transport and system solutions.

Their products are high sustainable durable trucks, environmental friendly and able to be fully customised to serve the need of the clients.

Special Bodies

High-End Horse Coaches

Equine transportation – high-end horse coaches with the best possible accommodation for both horses and owners.

Special Solutions

Vast range of the tanks

Vast range of the tanks satisfies all the requests of the clients. All tanks are designed and manufactured according to the international standards ADR, RID, IMDG, EN, ECE, DOT etc. using advanced technology and reliable high quality materials and components.